You’re set back is preparing you for your comeback

We are currently going through a pandemic and I know a lot of people may have lost their jobs or lost a loved one during this time. And although it is horrible to lose someone that you love so dearly there’s always a lesson and a test in every situation that happens in our lives. It may have been just their time to go and they have fulfill their purpose on this earth. Or maybe it could be other things but we’re not gonna talk about that in this post. But when it comes to losing a job although it is a minor setback just look at it as just a brief time for you to truly understand what you want to do or what your purpose is in this life. And a major comeback is on the horizon for you. Life always has a funny way of showing you that things are temporary. That’s one thing that I have learned during this whole pandemic that everything is temporary things can change in a blink of an eye so never worship any materialistic thing because they can be gone tomorrow. Never worship a job because that can be gone tomorrow never worship money because it can be gone tomorrow. So never let any temporary thing in life cause you to lose faith better is always coming. We as humans adapt to any situation that occurs in our lives. So I feel that although we might be going through these tough times now it is preparing us for what’s to come in the future and helping us adapt to any situation that may come our way. I know I might’ve got a little off topic even though it is related to the topic at hand. I just want everyone to always look at the bigger picture and always have faith that although something is not working now something better is on the

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