Trusting the process

First I want apologize for missing last couple motivational Monday blog posts this past couple weeks has been a true struggle for me mentally, physically and spiritually in a way of feeling like giving up. I was slowly starting to feel my motivation slipping away due to the overwhelming feeling of life at that moment and time. 

I am getting back on track to picking myself back up and expanding Amour XXIV to be the company I know it can be. This process of becoming a successful business owner has been a bit overwhelming being that I have not found my peace of mind in the process yet but through this process I will keep going no matter what because this is my legacy I am building and I will not let a temporary job take my dream from me. 

I’m tired of feeling tired so it’s time for me to get up and get back on track to success I have many more things to do this year so it’s time for me to slow down and trust the process. 

Checkout this motivational video below: 

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