Strong people don’t always want to be strong

Do you have a friend that appears to be so strong and can handle anything that comes their way? Many of us may know or is that friend that is very strong to most but sometimes the people that are the strongest in your life may be going through the most in their lives. Sometimes your strong friend wants to be able to fall apart and not have to always feel like they have to be the strongest person in the room. Strong people want to be able to feel vulnerable as well and to be able to have somebody they can lean on when they’re feeling down and can’t take whatever is going on in their life. So always be mindful of those that appear very strong because they need time to be vulnerable as well. I’ve personally been considered to be very strong. Sometimes that’s one title that I hate to have because I feel like I can never have a moment to just not have to figure out what is the next move in every situation. Sometimes I feel proud of myself because I was able to conquer certain situations but most of the time I just want to be able to be soft and vulnerable. Yes it’s great to be strong when when it’s needed but sometimes you have to have a break to be able to fall apart if need be. So always check on your strong friends because they may be going through a lot just like you and just don’t know how to show it.


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