Reaching my breaking point and what it has taught me

Most of us have had a moment where we felt like we have had an epiphany. And during this epiphany we realize our worth and what our true purpose is in this world. We live in a country where capitalism is what runs our country. If people don’t work then the system don’t move just like a machine if the parts are broken then the machine can’t move or the machine can’t produce what it is supposed to produce. So you have to realize that if the people don’t work then the economy suffers. I think a lot of us are waking up and realizing our worth that we don’t have to work a job that we absolutely hate to survive there’s so many other ways that we can make money. We live in a day and age where we have the Internet we have things like door dash we have things like Uber eats Uber Lyft all these different companies that you can be your own contract worker. You definitely can work for yourself and make money you don’t have to work these dead end 9 to 5 jobs to survive. And that’s one thing that I am realizing now as I have gotten older I realize that my worth is more than a job and I’m not afraid anymore to lose a job because I know I just like I found that job I can figure out a way to make money just like I did when I found this job. Nothing will ever stop my hustle or ever stop me from paying my bills.  it’s not gonna stop any of that and it’s something that I think we all need to realize. if we realize our worth we don’t have to continue to sacrifice our souls our mental health to survive anymore.


I have given myself a timeline by the end of this year I’m going to be working for myself. I am done sacrificing my time away from my children sacrificing my mental health every single day on something that truly is soul sucking I am done with allowing a job to dictate how my life is supposed to be if I need a day to recuperate. I hate the traditional 9 to 5 because I feel controlled and limited. working for myself If I need a moment to get myself in order I can do that and then get back to work and no one to ask for permission. you see what I’m saying and plus if I’m working for myself I dictate how much money I make the sky is the limit truly. So I’m gonna continue to keep my promise to myself that this is the last year I’m going to be dealing with this soul sucking job IM DONE!

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