Motivational Monday | Stop Overthinking

Have you ever been in a situation where you overthought the outcome because you were trying to talk yourself out of doing something because it was out of your comfort zone? Let me see all the hands in the back because each and every one of us have been there even if it was the smallest thing, we all have done some overthinking in our lives.  

Overthinking can be associated with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, Post-traumatic stress and borderline personality disorder. Many of us would not think that overthinking would be so serious, but it can get to a point down the road where it will need to be addressed so it doesn’t lead to mental health problems.

Many examples of overthinking would be constantly relieving your mistakes, not living in the present because you’re always dwelling on things that happened in the past, and worrying about things that is out of your control such as what can happen in the future.

There are ways to STOP overthinking and get to a place in life where you can live in the moment and not worry about the little things as well as things you can’t control.

Check out these 10 ways to STOP overthinking

  1. Awareness is the beginning of change.
  2. Don’t think of what can go wrong, but what can go right.
  3. Distract yourself into happiness.
  4. Put things into perspective
  5. Stop waiting for perfection.
  6. Change your view of fear.
  7. Put a timer to work.
  8. Realize you can’t predict the future.
  9. Accept your best.
  10. Be grateful.

Its very important to develop a routine to help you overcome overthinking, and learn to be grateful for where you are in life in the present moment.  Use these 10 ways to stop overthinking and you will be on the right track to overcoming overthinking.



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