God is it time for me to move?

Have you ever ask the question “god is it time for me to move? “ I’ve repeatedly asked myself this exact question for the last couple months, and just recently I realize that may be God is answering that question for me now. I noticed every day that I wake up and I feel less motivated to get up and work for someone else. I’m noticing signs that I’m only happy Friday 5 PM to Sunday when I wake up. Because I know when Sunday comes Monday is right around the corner. I feel that we were not placed on this earth to work pay bills and repeat the cycle everyday and one day die. God created each and everyone of us to fulfill a purpose on this earth. And our job is to figure out what their purpose is and fulfill it. We were not created to continue to go around in a circle as Mindless zombies working to create somebody else’s dream. How can we even say we are living when we don’t even have the time to live. During this pandemic everybody has noticed something different about the world that we live in. Maybe you notice that all you do is work you don’t have time for the people that you love because all you do is work. You may have noticed that you don’t really know who you are because you never had a moment to figure out who am I. I feel like last year really was the year of vision where you really had to take a moment To figure out what is your true purpose and how can you fulfill that purpose. With this epiphany that I feel like I’m experiencing now I am not afraid of change anymore. I actually embrace change now in my life because I know that God always have better. So to answer that question that I have asked previously god is it time for me to move I really believe the answer to that question is YES !


So take the time and really sit with yourself and ask God if you are in the same position if it’s time for you to make a change in your life for the better.

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