Creating healthy boundaries

When you think about setting boundaries for people that are in your life how does that look to you?

Most people never really think about setting boundaries for the people that they love but it is highly important to set boundaries so that people will learn how to respect where you are coming from or how you feel. 

I personally have dealt with learning how to create boundaries with my love ones so that they can understand that my time is valuable as well as how I feel matters.

If you don’t set healthy boundaries with the people that you love they will continue to treat you how they feel they want to treat you. So if you want people to treat you how you feel you need to be treated then sit them down and create healthy boundaries that you both feel will work for your relationship.

Here are some examples of healthy boundaries to create.

  • Communicate your thoughts with the other person 
  • never assume or guess others feelings
  • follow through on what you say 

take responsibilities for your actions 

  • know when it’s time to let go and love someone from a distance

Use these few examples to help you set the standard for your boundaries and also Check out Shaun Scott soul-searching journal a guy to help you discover your soul purpose in a chaotic world to be a guide to help you not only discover your soul purpose in this world but also to help you create boundaries for people In your life.

Checkout this motivational video below: 

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